But while the city seemed destined to become a leader among

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uk canada goose outlet Pedestrians walk past hammocks on the Halifax waterfront. In 2003, the Nova Scotia capital faced a moment of reckoning about sea levels when Hurricane Juan created devastating floods. But while the city seemed destined to become a leader among coastal cities in preparing for disaster, it’s fallen behind in the years since.. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose Tonight we honored Fran Hauser, newly elected Chair of the Board of GlobalGiving, for her outstanding leadership in establishing the New York Leadership Council for this vital NGO. GlobalGiving is an online giving platform that makes it easy for you to contribute to carefully vetted nonprofit organizations anywhere in the world. You can support solutions run by innovative, grassroots projects and organizations that are working to educate children, feed the hungry, build houses, train women (and men) with job skills, and hundreds of other amazing things canada goose.

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